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We design the website that excites your prospect's eye, the flyer that'll get 'em in the door, the pen to sign their lease, and the swag to keep them swooning.

We at Winstar love what we do. We understand the student housing market and we thrive on its curve balls. Our core belief is that great relationships, build great campaigns. As a small family owned and operated business, we’ve got almost a decade under our belt. In that time, we’ve learned that while we truly enjoy the creative aspect of our work, it’s the relationships we form in the process that makes Winstar different.

With a decade of experience, student housing is in our DNA. The leasing season can be unforgiving. Adapting to the speed of the student housing leasing season, while maintaining the integrity of your brand is something we strive to be the best at. Whether it's designing a website, increasing your social media presence, or keeping your team looking professional, we use our experience and insight to deliver quality products and services.

Meet Our Team




Born and raised in Waco, Texas, James played collegiate football for Baylor University while he mastered his marketing skills. With an extensive retail background, James made the leap to professional sports when he took his role in sales with the Dallas Stars Hockey Club. After sweeping coworker Brooke off her feet, the two retired from sports to create Winstar Marketing. James works with the Student Living clients and is responsible for the overall operations within the company.




A University of Texas Longhorn PR/advertising specialist, Brooke worked for the Houston Astros baseball team and Children's Miracle Network before joining the front office for the Dallas Stars Hockey Club. The Stars aligned as she met her coworker James Irwin who would become her future business partner and husband. Together they had a dream to build their own marketing venture, and now a decade into Winstar Marketing, they know reality is still like a dream. Brooke works directly with our high-end conventional and hospitality clients and is responsible for Winstar's persona.




Native Texan Jess Lopez has been an illustrator and graphic artist/designer for nearly 20 years in news television, magazine and promotional product advertising. He's designed graphics for Apple iPhone apps, shirts which have appeared on national sports network television, as well as digital portraits and prints. As head of the design team, Jess oversees all creative direction for Winstar. He is an avid cinephile and possesses the uncanny ability to quote lines from nearly any film at any given time.

All Method With A Dash Of Madness

Chaos happens, we get it. We've built an ordering process that gets your marketing items out the door and down the path of least resistance.

Order Process

Easy Ordering

Like every great relationship, your production process begins with a phone call, or an e-mail….or through our website. We’re flexible and here to serve you.

  • Think of an idea
  • Tell us your idea
  • We'll take it from here
Order Process


We get our coffee brewing and creative juices flowing. We'll come up with great creative to get your idea off the ground.

  • Unique to your brand
  • Thoughtful and exciting designs
  • Fast turnaround
Order Process

Proof of Concept

We'll produce a proof of concept that brings your ideas to life. We strive to get it right the first time. If you have changes, we'll quickly and happily make them for you.

  • Easy approval process
  • Vivid concept imagery
  • Polished work
Order Process

Shipped Out The Door

We work hard to get you what you need, when you need it. We provide fast turnarounds and shipping so you can keep up with the busy leasing season.

  • 1-2 day shipping for most items
  • High quality finished product
  • Quality Guarentee

Satisfied Clients